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This is the page that contains all things related.  Scroll down, visit links – but be sure to come back when you are done exploring!  Enjoy your journey:

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  1. I have added a great new MaidenShade Fan Page where you can post links, have discussions and interact with other like-minded folks.
  2. Also new is the Shameless Self-Promotion Page. A great opportunity to say “TA DAAAA”, post photos, links, and generally brag on yourself, your site, your latest work; you fabulous thing!

Links for MaidenShade Fan Page on Facebook: and

Shameless Self-Promotion

In Other Areas

  • For me, summer is the time for creating items dreamed of, writing stories imagined, and replenishing the show-weary spirit!
  • SHOWS: Side Street Artists – During Season, Bonita Springs
  • DeStash: A new “Sister Store” with items such as home decor, crafting supplies, sporting goods, books etc.

MaidenShade is artistically handcrafted lights – night lightslamps, and lampshades, faerie boxes, tissue cozies and more! These artistically handcrafted items feature unique designer fabrics, handmade and purchased papers and beautiful embellishments as well as stamped images, inks, paints, chalks and mixed media materials. Choices range from everydayholidayreligious, and nursery & child themed night lights, lamps, and lampshades, to special requests (including our new wedding offerings for unique, personalized bridesmaid and other attendant gifts), beautiful Christening, Communion, or other ceremonial gifts, plus coordinating items like tissue box covers; and wait until you see our fabulous faerie boxes and faerie catchers! We can help you choose just the right item(s) so every gift is specific to each person on your list, making each item that much more meaningful.

At MaidenShade you’ll find a variety of lights suitable for many applications within your home or to give as gifts. Our lamps and night lights provide a professional decorating accent while offering the ambiance and safety of light. Although our already-made unique night lights, lamps and lampshades you’ll find here are sure to add an element of interest to your decor, please remember that MaidenShade also creates custom night lights, lamps, and lampshades, faerie boxes and more, with you, the customer in mind. Contact us with your needs


  • Shop MaidenShade – Go visit our on-line store!
  • MaidenShade at Etsy – A place for all things handmade and excesses of ‘mbellishments
  • MaidenShade at StyleHive – Fashion Diva Heaven!
  • I Love Bonita Springs Listing – Ads
  • Buckler/Jaminmark Listing – About the Artist
  • Side Street Artists  An organization of local artisans who show in season in Bonita Springs, Florida


    Inspired by the artists in her family and encouraged by those who received them as gifts, Jennifer Hopkins (nee Swan) began creating and selling her imaginative and artistically hand-crafted items online as well as to the retail market.  A Minnesota native, her work can be found from the Twin Cities to Florida and all points east and west!  The MaidenShade Studio is located in the Southwest area of Florida.

    Everyone has lights, but not everyone has a MaidenShade – Give the Gift of Light!

    MaidenShade Lights

    Give the Gift of Light!



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    1. May 18, 2009 5:33 pm

      How funny!The people you meet on the Internet and blogworld.Jon’s the beer drinker,I’m the wine drinker.he’s the fisherman,I’m the artist and crafter.
      And yes,I shall be back to visit your blog often.

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