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Oh Triumphant Day

February 20, 2011

It started by nearly missing the judging portion altogether.  There was a mistake on the exhibit times – to the tune of being an hour sooner than what was printed!  Luckily my mom was going too, and had a different time on her printout, so I called PAC to clarify which was correct.  We rushed and got there about 15 minutes before judging. 

When David and I arrived we were greeted by “You’re Jennifer, aren’t you?  I am so glad you made it in time – where’s your mom?”

I was then shown where my entry was hanging.  There was a red dot on the title card.  “Do you know what that means?”  I was asked.  I said, “no”.  “It means your piece SOLD!”  She almost yelled, as excited for me as I was about to be.  “— it sold?!?”

“Your mom was so excited, she wanted to tell you – but I can’t wait any longer and she’s not here.”  (I am sorry I don’t know who it was who told me, I was in shock from the great news!)

It turns out an older gentleman came in, loved Triumph, and purchased it as a gift.  OMG!  Now it’s not like I haven’t sold things, lots and lots of them actually – but not at a show like this I haven’t.  The thrill is altogether different than it was in my brick and mortar store, on line, or in an outdoor art festival setting.  It is even more affirming to have someone come in, admire and ultimately purchase it.  David had been off admiring an abstract oil canvas that depicted a pool of swimming koi.  The shape of their orange backs just discernable within the choppy oil waters attracted him. 

When I told him his jaw dropped.  Yep, just like in a book, “his jaw dropped.”  !

This thrill carried on and when my mom finally arrived she was beside herself for me.  She had known Triumph sold for over a week and kept it secret.  Oh the strength that must’ve taken!  During the judging, we stood around applauding for the honorable mentions, 3rd place, 2nd place – all going to canvas after canvas of wonderful, beautiful fine art. 

“And 1st place goes to Jennifer Swan Hopkins!”  Now it was time for MY jaw to drop.  And to fight a very tearful reaction.  Mom and Terry didn’t bother fighting it, they cried and David grinned.  The show of support from them and those strangers all around me was even more of a high – uplifting and heartwarming.

My work "Triumph" took 1st Place in the Pasco Arts Council annual exhibit!  The judge said,

"This tapestry works on so many levels… The mixing of cloth and paper, the great layering, the use of different stitching patterns. In this body, it stands out as very original."

How fabulous it is to be recognized and have something you love to do appreciated – thank you God, mom, PAC and that unknown judge, so very much!

This piece is especially meaningful to me from its Theda Bara Cleopatra image, to the ornately wrought collage work and 1920’s pull incorporated into it.  Its saying (also from the play “Cleopatra”), “I will not be triumphed over”, signifies the core of iron in my own middle, my will to overcome my limitations, to excel.

Let me recap – My piece sold AND I won 1st prize.  Whooo Hooo!




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  1. Kathryn Pedron permalink
    February 20, 2011 7:11 pm

    May I have the honorary “first Autograph” from my famous BFF please?

  2. March 12, 2011 2:31 pm

    This is fabulous. YOU are fabulous. w00t!


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