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Animal Crackers

February 26, 2010

Sometimes when you are angry with someone,
It helps to sit down, take a moment to cool off,
  and think about the problem.

dog sitting on cat


Doggone News Dog Night Light

SKU: 169.3B

  • The Doggone News Night Light is made from designer Michael Miller fabric and has such a comical charm, what a great gift idea for a puppy dog lover! Birthday, decorating, new home, canine-crazy, just because – all great reasons for this unique gift idea from MaidenShade. Please, tell us if you have a character or style preference, if not, we’re happy to choose for you, all options are wonderful.
  • This listing is priced for a night light – just ask if you’d like something different. Want or need a specific design element? Please, e-mail me. Decorating is individual, a variety of shade and night light shapes, sizes, and embellishments are available for your custom creation if you have a preference. If not, no worries, we are happy to oblige!
  • Colors: black, white
  • Theme: Custom, Lamp, Lampshade, Night Light, Designer, Dog, Puppy, Canine, Animal, Black & White, Night Light, Fun, Humor, Comical, Newspaper, Gift, Decorating

Naughty-Kitty-Fishbowl naughty-kitty-combo

Naughty Kitty Cat Night Light

SKU: 107.3M

  • Naughty Kitty Cat Night Light designer fabric has many faces, need a specific pose to honor, erm, depict your naughty feline? You have but to ask! This fabric captures classic cat capers in a darling night light from, whom else? MaidenShade of course. Embellished with the absolutely sweetest fiber-optic beaded trim, this is a decorating stunner.
  • Colors: cream, black, green
  • Theme: Cat, Kitty, Feline, Naughty, Funny, Animal, Nature, Modern, Night Light, Gift, Decorating, Designer, Custom

Kitty Art Gallery Cat Night LightKitty Art Gallery Cat Night Light

SKU: 122.3P

  • Kitty Art Gallery Night Light: Designer detailing and decorating tongue-in-cheek humor makes this work of art a find. Fabric with paintings of Marilyn Meow-nroe, artists like Katisse and high-brow cats sitting on gallery benches admiring them. If you have a specific work of art you’d like specified, ask and we will try to accommodate you.
  • Colors: blue, cream, gold, red, black
  • Theme: Animal, Cat, Art, Gallery, Humor, Classic, Night Light, Gift, Decorating, Designer, Custom

 Barrier Reef Tropical Fish Night Light Florida Gators Sports Night Light 
Moose Night Light
Amfalula Peacock Night LightBlack Bird Toile Floral Night Light

Borders Collie Dog Night Light

Copacabana Monkey Night LightSwanSong Swan Night LightOwlette Asian Owl Night Light

Froggy Frog and Turtle Night Light Heliotrope Butterfly Night LightGolden Ones Retriever Dog Night Light
Scallywags Chicken 'n Rooster Night Light
 Sheepish Sheep Night Light 
Royal Court Tiger and Cheetah Night Light Oh So Flamingo Bird Night Light Sparrows Floral and Bird Night Light

Ursa Bear Night Light

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  1. February 26, 2010 4:14 pm

    HA! There you go!

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