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January 27, 2010

Today I will turn my focus back toward the light, rather than dwelling on the darkness of the last couple of days, I have returned to the realm of positive action.  “om mani padme hum”…

om mantra

Here is a list I’d like to share – and I invite you to share yours with me by including it in a comment to this post (if that doesn’t work, send it to me in an e-mail and I’ll make an entire page of everyone’s “where’s” which was my intent anyway). 

“Why?”  You may ask?  “To what end?”

Well, I figure we can click madly away on each other’s links when we think of it.  That’s the ticket – we’ll all save them to our sites and visit them, creating busy little pathways and connections for the , , and all of the other what’s-it bots to scurry along, thereby raising the universe’s awareness of us, ultimately raising our search engine status. 


(DISCLAIMER: Mind you I have no idea if this is “the way” to accomplish what I have in mind, but, what the heck, it may be a new way.  BTW, even if it’s not a very original concept to you, well – it was to me and I’d like your links anyhow so I can see where all everyone “is” and look at your stuff.) 

This list was born out of a need to keep track of what all I’m doing or supposed to be tending to.  It is also a tool so I can easily copy and paste a link where needed, share my MaidenShade so to speak.

(Oh that is so punny and clever of me – tadaaaa!  I’ve coined a new phrase – ShareWhere’s!). 

This in turn will sell my wares.  From my type to God’s ears! 

What this kind of list represents is an enormous body of work demanding: BS&T, , skill, research, dedication, drive, ambition, perseverance and vast amounts of energy, all put forth to create and maintain these many sites (not to mention the books, art, products that gave rise and reason to having them).  I don’t know about you, but for me to see them all listed in one fell swoop is amazing and gratifying.  It’s like, “I did all that?” 

While you’re at it, friend me on (Jennifer Swan Hopkins) and join my page.  Put your list on there, too.  Post your amazing and/or everyday accomplishments and/or work there.  Put on some photos, come on, show off!  Brag on yourself a little, would’ya? 

You really should, you’re fabulous!


· Blurb (faerie tales)

· Etsy (mostly supplies)

· Bonanzle (mostly supplies right now)

· ArtFire (not much listed yet)

· StyleHive (for the diva in all of us)

· LinkedIn (professional networking)

· FaceBook (social networking)

       ♥ FaceBook MaidenShade Page

       ♥ FaceBook Shameless Self Promotion

· Twitter (I am not quite sure why we twitter, ‘cause we’re twits?)



I’d Say We’ve Got It!  (This one’s for us Nancy)

Main Entry:

Part of Speech:



doggedness, endurance, grit, persistence, stamina, tenaciousness, tenacity

Main Entry:
intestinal fortitude

Part of Speech:

strength of will


backbone, balls, brass balls, chutzpah, courage, endurance, energy, fitness, fortitude, guts, gutsiness, heart, moxie, spunk, stamina, staying power, stick-to-it-iveness, strength, toughness, vigor, wind



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