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Skin Deep

December 17, 2009

Good News: I’m in!

Bad News: I was here alone in a strange town with no computer, no phone service, no television, when I threw my back out hauling all of the stuff crammed in my car into the 3 level townhouse.  I couldn’t sleep that first night it hurt so bad. 

Picture this.  I had dragged the top mattress (if you recall this place came furnished) down the hall to the master bedroom which has no bed, and then put my very heavy and awkward foam topper on top of it.  I put it in this bedroom as this is where I was going to have the little TV I brought, hooked up. So anyway, my mattress bed was on the floor.  Now imagine having your back spasming so badly you cry trying to get down to said bed on the floor to lay down.  Now think of trying to roll left or right to find a position that doesn’t hurt, without screaming.  Try getting up to go to the bathroom when your back is out…  You get my drift.  Agony.

Thank God I had the presence of mind to bring the Aspercream and Bio-Freeze (both worthless against this injury as it turns out).  I also brought a heating pad, although honestly it didn’t help that I could tell.  I didn’t have any ice packs or a brace so in the morning I had to drive (very difficult) to the Walgreens and buy stuff.  When I asked the second different employee (as the first was no help at all) where to find the back braces and he told me briefly from over his shoulder as he walked past, to my mortification I started crying (just a few little tears, not racking sobs or anything). 

I called after him, "could you please show me, I can hardly walk". 

He went and got one; I asked him to put it on me, (I can’t twist or move my arms without twinging my back), so right there, in front of God and everybody in the middle of Walgreens, he did. 

Duly armed with Advil, a cold pack, Epsom Salts (I would have to try to figure out how to scrub the tub to use them), and a handy dandy grabby thingy for short or ailing people (ME) I drove back home in my back brace.  Once there, I worked.  There were critical things to accomplish before David got here.  In spite of being hurt, I kept doing them while the ice pack froze, the heat relaxed, and the Advil anti-inflamed.  I stopped every once in a while to rest my back, and hoped for the best.

This morning (if it’s possible) my back is worse than yesterday.  I’m believing it will get better as the day progresses…

But as usual with me my prologue is leading to a main point.  Today it is: the kindness of my internet GFs and strangers.  When the Mike, the cable guy, showed up, he pointed out a package on the side stoop.  As I can do little but groan and say “ow” with every movement, I thanked him as he bent and got it for me, carrying it into the house.  Exacto knife in hand, I sat straight backed on the edge of a chair and opened the box as Mike worked on my phone, cable and internet.  Look what my new friend Erin sent me:

Mickey-Tree-iTree-i Mickey-i Mickey-Tree 

As I looked at these fun and beautiful whimsies, for the second time in front of strangers that day, I cried.  This time tears of gratitude for the timely and unexpected gift from what (on the face of it at least) might appear to be a casual internet acquaintance.  But only looking shallowly you’d miss the truth.  Beauty isn’t the only thing that is merely skin deep.  Yep, she’s a sistah of the heart.  Listening to her intuition, she read me perfectly.  But what’s more is simply that she thought of me whilst on her travels (be sure to check out her blog).  You see, it was the thoughtfulness that blessed me as much as the gifts.

bendinurspoonListening to her intuition, she read me purrrfectly 

“It’s a treat from Mickey Mouse! He was dressed as Santa and asked me if I would mind getting these treats to you. He said you had worked so hard on this relocation project, you deserved a treat! So I said, sure Santa Mickey, I’ll make sure Jenn gets her treats ºoº”

Poor Mike, he didn’t know what to do!  Yes he did really, he was kind to me too.  He moved the TV into the other room and did some generous and helpful things that he didn’t have to do, they certainly weren’t on his job description. 

Which leads me to Jim and his fiancé, Katie.  They were kind to me too.  They moved the mattress back onto the bed (not so far to have to get up and down from) in the extra bedroom and she thoroughly scrubbed the tub out so I could soak in my salts.  She left me with instructions to call her if I needed help, “just call me, I mean it, really” she admonished.  Wasn’t that nice?

So that’s my moving update.  As I type, my back glued to the heating pad, I am dreading getting up but know I have to.  If for no other reason than to move to a softer chair, my bum is falling asleep on this one and I really don’t need another pain to endure.  I have to go for a soak and try to get mobile. 

More fun later!

PS: Aren’t I just blessed?  PTL!

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  1. December 17, 2009 10:20 am

    OMG, I would so LOVE to bend spoons with my mind – LOL! 😀

    I’m sorry you have been having such a rough time with the move, but glad that you like your treats. Feel better!

    Tink *~*~*

  2. December 17, 2009 6:50 pm

    Oh no! Just what you didn’t need right now. I hope your back gets on the mend ASAP! When your back hurts EVERYTHING hurts. Maybe you should schedule yourself a massage, LOL! Go take a hot bath and relax!

  3. December 18, 2009 12:38 am

    You poor thing! I am glad you had a few things to help brighten your day though. I hope your back gets better soon!

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