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5 More Days

December 9, 2009

With only 5 days to go before our move, the longing to be done is an exercise in anticipatory agony.  Since we found our townhouse, these past few weeks have been excruciating!  It’s been nearly unbearable to wait as long as we have before moving into our new place – and I realize to you, this last month hasn’t seemed long at all!  But to be fair, the process had been going on for much longer.  We’ve been packing, moving, home searching and so on for nearly 3 months.

I cannot imagine how people can live by the “5-year plan” kind of thinking and survive the suspense of seeing “it” completed.  I once wrote a song that says it very well I think:

I met a cowboy - 
he was not dressed for riding.
Not the type to be hiding
behind his facade. 

He spent the night, he never touched me,
except maybe inward.
He spoke kind and cruelly,
here’s what I heard:

“I saw you,
and I knew
the fear and the suffering,
the pain on the run;

and you’ve got the look
of instant gratification
and if I’m not mistaken,
you’re hatin’ your life.”

He was right…

See?  Instant gratification, and spontaneity, that’s me!

But back to bringing things to fruition, I wonder why it doesn’t drive me to distraction to plant a garden?  Quite the opposite, I love seeing each tender shoot pushing it’s little green nose up, then reaching for the sun, sprouting leaves then blossoms, fruiting and ripening…  Hmmm.

At this point I’ve finished moving my studio and work from the Promenade back to the old house, and packed up all I can from our staging at the old house as well.  I’m in the process of packing up David’s parent’s house.  We’ve got to figure out how much I can fit in my car – and take the rest back to the old house.  I go ahead on the 15th to wash out cupboards and drawers, get the cable and phone hooked up, get the house stocked with food and to plan where our stuff is going.  David comes on the 17th or 18th ahead of the movers and bearing cats, litter and their whatsits.

These last few days are so very, very long…

Well to further divert myself (and you) I found this to share:

Oh such good babies!

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  1. December 9, 2009 8:25 pm

    You’re a study in contradictions! No really I can see how it would be frustrating to be dealing with this for so long, especially since you aren’t even in your own home at the moment. Relief will come soon! That video is adorable too, if only!

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