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Three Weeks and Counting

November 24, 2009

It’s Tuesday, a store day.  I’ll begin packing up my fabrics, paints, various pens (watercolor, leafing, etc.), inks, dyes and doodads, whatsits, phroo-phroos and my trusty Singer sewing machine; getting everything in the store gone or ready for going.  That will be the routine over the next 4, 6 or 7 days left at The Promenade.  However many it takes to pack and be out of there, it’ll be that many.

I figure my initial moving in was done over about a month and a half of 3-day weeks.  Add to that bringing the seasonal/holiday decorating bins, which means additions and subtractions of shades, night lights and Tchotchkes – then there was the moving in of the remaining miscellaneous MaidenShade stuff from home when we staged the house for selling.  That swelled what the store’s storage room held to an aisle-blocking state.  So it has actually been an almost constant move in.

Sunday we began preparing for this moving out process by taking down all but 2 of my work-area tables, their dark green covers and skirts, my pyramid displays, miscellaneous shelving I’d brought into the empty space, and my rolling girly storage drawers.  These essential creative cargo-fortresses hold my glues, stamps, shade patterns, water containers and on and on.  They are now waiting expectantly in our garage. 

Can I confess something here?  I cringe at the thought of careless and swarthy strong-men who will be tossing my pink plastic “ladies” willy-nilly into a moving van.  “Be gentle.”  I whisper, as if to put a protective charm over them with my hushed incantations.  “They aren’t used to rough treatment.”  Visions of cracked poly and broken wheels dance in my head, sugar plums usurped by the insecurity of entrusting my stuff to a stranger’s dubious custody.

Always one to arrive early, uber-prepared and ready for unforeseen eventualities, I kind of have the flutters as we fasten our seat belts and begin “our final descent”.  I’m praying for a soft landing.



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