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We’re Up To ‘Open House’

November 18, 2009

Moving.  Some things you just automatically do correctly, some not so much, but it’s all in the attitude of doing, isn’t it? I think for the most part up until now in this venture, we’ve done fairly well, considering.  You see, when you find out you’ve got to move, and this is an unexpected event, your best friend at that moment of the equation (which is: [part-despair, part-thrill=100% adrenalin] and similar to the fight or flight response), your best friend is organization.

How do I do it?  Here’s my method.  Make a plan, write things down, mull them over, discuss them, cross out some, change the order, add some, rewrite, think some more, assign things, and then act.  Stick to one thing or set of things at a time if at all possible.  In other words, focus on the task at hand.  That way you can accomplish what seems like an endless list and arrive hearth and home-goods all intact, with your sanity and marriage (in my case) in one piece as well. 

Did I mention you may need to take on the role of list director, investigator, and the moving police?  It’s true.  You may have to (with great tact and not too sharp an edge to your voice) ask “did you…?”  You may have to do that a lot, actually.  Just remember #3 below if something gets done in an odd, convoluted or completely wrong way, or by employing methods that make you question your partner’s common sense and intelligence.  At those unfortunate moments, be nice, don’t, or try not to, scream “YOU DID WHAT?”


Know you’ll get there.  Don’t look at the entire lengthy book of things to do, read one precious word at a time and your story will make sense when you get to “the end”.  Hopefully you will be soaking in a nice tub of bubbles sipping on a glass of wine as you savor those last syllables.  Just think, the tub will be in a foreign-feeling room, with strange echoes bouncing off of exotic tiles, unfamiliar papered or painted surfaces – and the entire exciting experience will send little shivers of delicious delight down your spine as you are enriched by the novelty of it all. 

There, isn’t that a lovely thought?  It’s an adventure, this living thing we are doing.  I intend to say “what fun” and enjoy it, even during the challenging parts.

Some things I tell myself follow.  I say them lest I slump into a dismal place of depression and dismay, becoming a self-sacrificed victim to circumstances deemed too difficult for me, by me – or are contrary to what I want (which in my human laziness are a)changing the ease in which I live by introducing some new, unaccustomed effort into my daily routine, b)this in addition to what a girl must do daily as it is… is, generally unwelcomed!)


Think the best.  “It won’t do you any good, Jennifer,” I say, “if you project ‘what if’s’ into the universe, bouncing your misgivings and apprehension off of the unknowns it holds.  That fear will freeze you, render you immobile – do you really want to be that deer in the headlight of life?  No, of course you don’t.  Believe in a positive result, and work toward it.  Glance obliquely at distant maybe’s.  When they come close enough to recognize and are within your realm, you’ll see them and be able to deal with each of them at that moment.  Not only that, but if you send out positive outcome vibes, you’ll attract what you want and need – see?  No worries, it will be fabulous and even better than you could’ve ever expected.”  You know, usually I am right so I’ll pass on some more Jennifer Jewels.


Be flexible.  Things change – yep, that’s what started this in the first place.  Remember, if you can’t bend in the breeze, you’re going to surely snap in a strong gust!  Go on, try a new location, new method, new layout.  Just because something initially looks appealing isn’t reason to assume it’s still the right thing for you or your situation.  Perhaps you’ve even outgrown ‘that’ at this juncture in your journey.  It may just appear familiar, you may be confusing recognition with true compatibility for the now you’re in.  I know how it is, it seems to fit like those soft and cozy sweats with a hole in the butt and baggy stretched out knees. But consider things from a different perspective before you have a meltdown from the suggestion of trying a new direction if you have a choice, or from something thrown at you from that proverbial left field when you have no option but to catch it!

In the same way “That’s how we’ve always done it” doesn’t mean you have to keep on doing it the same old way.  We’d still be dragging stuff along the ground without the benefit of wheels if someone hadn’t tried rolling in a different direction.  This malleable attitude will serve you well when you realize the world doesn’t revolve around you, or what you want.  We live in a world where other people’s desires, needs, input or actions may have an impact, but Yippee!, we get to choose how we let the results affect us.

Case in point our move from a ranch-style house, to a 3-story townhouse.  I promise you, I was always a ‘house with a yard featuring birdfeeders, gardens, and space between neighbors’ kind of person.  I NEVER wanted to live in a condo, or any other abode where other human dwellings were attached by walls or floors – essentially they would be living under the same roof, for goodness sake!  Ewwwe! 

Plus I don’t want to hear them or their banging, blaring, barking, bitching or whatever.  See?  On and on my reasons to detest and resist that kind of home went. And renting/leasing – oh my goodness no.  That’s just paying someone else’s mortgage, giving them an income from mine, being restricted by a landlord’s or association’s confining rules, and being subject to their response or lack thereof in the event of a broken whatsit or an illegal flower pot.  Shudder.

Our Story So Far

The fates have bestowed upon me the gift of being able to experience the reality of those heretofore dreaded eventualities I just wrote about.  I just know it’s because I said that forbidden word “NEVER”.  I will report on the experience, but I suspect the minor inconveniences will be outweighed by interesting twists and a broadened perspective.  What makes this story most interesting in my opinion, is my response when confronted with the choice, and how I reacted.  First of all, David wanted to look at this (in my mind) unlikely property, so even though we 1)already had chosen a place, 2)left a check and an application all filled out for the realtor to pick up, and 3)I was exhausted and just wanted to be on our 3-hour way home – I said, “okay” when he told me that he still wanted to go look at the townhouse.  Am I ever glad I did.

After briefly glimpsing this exotic and refreshing place I, without hesitation, jumped headfirst into the deep end of the pool, not even knowing if I could swim or if they were friendly waters, but believing in the recesses of my rational mind that it would be okay
no matter what.  It was purely instinctive, impulsive – and completely uncharacteristic of me.  I chose the formerly-disparaged, over the comfortable and easy, sameness.  I am so amazed at and proud of me!  The element of danger/discomfort lies in the lease’s time constraints and commitment, the inconveniences this route may hold, and falling in love with a place that is not, and for all intents and purposes, cannot, be mine.  Oh well”, I blithely intone to myself, “I would rather love and lose, than to never love at all…” 

We negotiated, agreed upon terms, and left the second of two enormous deposit checks.  Then returned, with disbelief in our hearts that we had done something so utterly cheeky, to the first property and took back our initial application and the first huge deposit check, scurrying out of there like naughty children who’d found a secret treasure.

Isn’t that just the best??? 

“Don’t tell anyone everything.” David made me promise.  “Let’s make them wait until they see it.”  So I was dutifully cagey in my reporting to my mom, not letting on about all of the delights our new home held, wriggling at the thought of her discovery of them.  I could hardly bear keeping it all in, but I managed.  Then David, unable to contain himself or his excitement, bless him, promptly spilled the delectable beans the minute he talked to his mom.  I loved him more than chocolate in that moment of unbridled joy, of happy humanness he revealed to me.  See?  It has been exquisite, this journey.  A brilliant success made sweeter by the difficulties endured to date.

So here we are about halfway through the aforementioned moving to do list, give or take some items.  Our application approved and the lease signed now we can shift our focus back to our things to accomplish.  It is so hard to keep on task, when my mind wants to jump ahead 4 weeks, into the arms of a new town, a new home, a new life.

This brings me to the next segment of our move – the open house.  Yep, it’s time to start inviting the moneyed hoards into 10893 Sea Coral Court so they can enjoy their own revelation of finding “it”. 

It will be hard not to sit and dream and dwell on what lies ahead, but we can’t expect it all to be joyful discovery for us.  We’ve got to do everything we can to bring this move full circle, to fruition as it were.  Selling our existing house is a big piece of the pie.  Because of word-of-mouth and posting it online we’ve already had several showings, an example of organic marketing at its finest.

Yet dream, I do.  I’ve even envisioned the purchasing family; mom, dad, kidlet.  They will love the pool, and the littlest human will finally be able to get that puppy-dog he/she always wanted.  The yard is fenced and everything!  But they better act quickly – so far we’ve had 2 offers, they are getting closer to the all important acceptable range.



  • Start home search in new town, choose one (this one runs concurrently with many of others below and involves much investigation, planning, mapping, driving, and other wearying tasks…)
  • Find a mover
    • Pack up non-essential stuff
    • Rent storage space, move out stuff
    • Clean and stage house
    • Take photos
    • Make flyers, hand them out, post them (online and everywhere)
    • Get house on the MLS
    • Put out a FOR SALE sign with flyer tube, insert flyers
    • Have open house(s)
      • Put it in the paper
      • Put out a sign
      • Have snacks and a smile available (with informational flyers at the ready)
    • Show house, accept offer, do a happy dance and PTL (He is the #1 reason for everything good in my life!) 
    • Turn off old utilities, schedule new utilities
  • Move
    • Jennifer go up early to:
      • revel in it all
      • meet with cable/phone people
      • Wash out cupboards, fridge, etc.
      • Stock cupboards
    • David to direct movers, bring cats
    • Sort out/unpack/settle in
    • Begin new life
  • Kitchen-Eating-Area


    Open House Today 1-4. Newly listed property at 10893 Sea Coral Court, Bonita Springs, 34135. 3 br 2 ba pool home on cul du sac.

    MLS #209037078


    4 Comments leave one →
    1. November 18, 2009 10:28 pm

      Well, yes, yes, and more yes! You and I know there were many back breaking details that would take way too much space and possibly frighten off readers who may at some point actually have to move. I see, as I did from day one, an ultimately positive outcome that will exceed your expectations. Case in point, remember when you were painting for company this past spring/summer? Hmmmmm…all that painting and rearranging may have been part of THE plan. I need reminders that THE plan, although unknown at times by me, is the best. I can give you many personal examples. Thank you for taking time to jog my memory.

    2. November 20, 2009 10:07 am

      Oh Nancy – I know I do go on, but it helps me sort out and validate my current situation and what I’ve been doing. Sometimes I just need to write it down to detangle this oft-knotted muddle in my head. You are going about things wisely and well – yours will be a similar situation I am sure, exceeding expectations. I am so grateful we have each other to lean on and gain support from.


    3. November 20, 2009 12:36 pm

      Jennifer, Goodness! I’m exhausted and I’m not moving! I’m glad you two found a place that the two of you can throw caution to the wind about. That’s fun to do every once in a while. I just bought a truck on that one thought…I just love it, simpily love it. Spooked my hubby, he went along because it made me happy, either that or it was the meds given to him from the dentist! We both are having a time with our teeth, geez!

    4. November 20, 2009 5:24 pm

      What an amazing story, Jennifer! I’m so glad you found the right place in Tarpon Springs. My sister used to live there – it is so lovely! The relocating/moving process is never easy. When we decided to move East from San Diego, my husband drove across the country, camped in the general area we were thinking of, and just pounded the pavement until he found a little cottage that we could rent (that would also take dogs!) Then he drove back to SD, we started packing and the moving process began. Then we both drove across the country with all our things in a 28′ truck! At some point, it has to become a leap of faith, doesn’t it? Glad to hear from you!

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