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As Tired As We Are, Why Aren’t We Skinny?

October 21, 2009

Chubby The house is finished now, finally.  After 3 weeks of readying it by planning, packing, painting, prepping – it waits; a pristine abode impatient for its new owners to discover the loveliness within and without.  This monumental effort was accomplished by the sheer determination of us, the owners, through the grace of God.  I am not kidding.  Taking it from 0 to 180 degrees in a few short weeks is an amazing feat, you don’t think we could’ve managed it alone, do you?  Bear in mind that most of this was done on weekends and in evenings after an already long day.

What is amazing is our capacity to multi-task and not kill each other or someone else in the process.  This is a triple move, from Sea Coral Court to Ft. Myers, or to the storage unit or the Promenade store – then from those places back to Sea Coral to be picked up by the moving truck, to our rental, and in a year, I guess, to a purchased home.  If that wasn’t enough to contemplate in and of itself, there are the myriad of other facets that make up this relocation jewel, and they were all occurring concurrently. 

First there is the initial impetus, the business reorganization resulting in job loss, the job offered; contemplating and taking in, assimilating this strange new reality we were confronted with and thrust into. 

Then, deciding upon a plan of action in a sea of unknowns, swimming amongst the variables this uncertainty creates and trying to make it to one of many shores, destinations, fates. 

After deciding and beginning to pack and haul to the storage unit, we left the chaos and set off for a long weekend, traveling to our new location, 3 hours away.  Somewhat blindly we went searching for the right area or property to house us, our cats, and MaidenShade, so we could intelligently focus our energies on a final destination.  This ended up being a marathon of houses we investigated, up and down and to the east (west would’ve taken us directly into the Gulf of Mexico which may well have been a welcomed alternative…) 

Couple these events with the 4 “P’s” of planning, packing, painting, prepping; the house (and soul) searching, plus coordinating work that pays the bills with work that sells the house.  Things arise like the need to orchestrate our move to the folks’ or hire and schedule the few workers who performed those tasks we just couldn’t, deciding which tasks to even perform – which are crucial, which could be put on the back burner for later in the sale process, which will not be performed at all?  None but resodding the balding grassy places as it turns out, with the drought in Florida the lawns suffer everywhere, not just in our yard. Perhaps the new owners will put a swing set over that spot, or a fire pit – who knows.

There came the time when it was completed enough within the house, that the cats had to go.  They were in the way of course, but more than that was the trauma all of this activity was causing, to them, our precious and innocent fur-babies.  So, we packed them into the SUV along with our remaining personal items, our greatly reduced wardrobe, the contents of our refrigerator, some critical components to our lives and trundled life and livestock off to a condo that was already full of David’s parent’s lives. 

The extra room held grandma Rita’s things and the clothes of sizes past, the extra bathroom was set up for the occasional “powder”, not months of regular use by two working adults.  The storage room and every nook and cranny held their lives, it was up to us to come to a storage compromise, an acceptable conclusion.  The greatest challenge was the heart of this most appreciated haven.  The kitchen.  Oh my, oh my, how to fit the very extensive “us” in?  Well, it would all have to wait until Sea Coral Court was finished.  Now there were two homes where our relocation havoc had been wreaked.

After finishing at Sea Coral Court, we began the job of settling into the senior Hopkins home.  It took about a week of reorganization, more packing, hauling to and fro, then unpacking – and getting accustomed to the 40 or so minute drives one way to work all day, and to reverse that drive to make the trek back to the battleground (and displaced felines) we’d created here.  It almost seemed like we went to work to relax! 

I have to admit, from the outside it all looked arduous, never ending, pretty scary and very messy.  Let’s face it, it was just plain ugly.  But never fear, we trudged on with our eyes on the prize and help in our hearts and finished, finally.

This brings me to what really was my main point.  As hard as I worked, as tired as I was and am, as much as my poor feet ached (my right sore sole actually split open at one point, poor barkin’ dogs); for all of David’s excruciating twinges in various places in his arms, knees, neck and back muscles, with his constant offerings of brute strength, stamina, and the massive quantities of sweat he contributed in that 95 degree heat, why aren’t we skinny???  Shouldn’t you be tiny after all of this?  I feel very tiny, I find myself looking in disbelief at the image in the mirror, or down at my exhausted limbs, and over my shoulder at the round dimpled expanse that I see.

Ah well such is life.  I can clearly see the hand of God at work here, so am trying to wax poetical and in a more positive voice than a whiny complaining one – this is really just a journal entry in our latest adventure.  Here are some photos of the trip so far:

From this: House Living Room What-a-mess to this: Dining Staged Living Room Staged

For more staged or ‘after’ images from throughout the house, go to

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  1. October 22, 2009 12:17 am

    Applause! This is the second time today a blog has made me cry. (I’m not on the edge, am I?) The preparation is so difficult and yet I yearn to join you in this journey to a location not too far away.

    Please pray every chance you think of it that we may meet for lunch in January in … Tampa. It is possible.

  2. October 22, 2009 6:42 am

    Jennifer, Whew, I’m tired just reading! Sounds like a very hard working, sweat, blood and tears move. I admire you for looking ahead so well and applaud you for your attitude about moving in with the in-laws. Keep us in touch.

  3. October 23, 2009 3:22 am

    Hi Jennifer..
    It’s good to see you back in the land of blogging. I used to visit you often..and I will begin again. I saw on Dawn’s blog where you had lost some followers cause you weren’t able to blog..well, I will follow you and check back to see how you’re doing.
    Great grief,I don’t know how you’ve managed to touch a keyboard, I was exausted just listening to your workload. Try to rest some and be good to yourself deserve it. Everything will be ok..I just know it.

  4. October 23, 2009 8:41 am

    It sounds like you’ve been running yourself ragged. All your efforts have paid off, the house looks great. Now we wish for a quick sale! I hope you are all well otherwise and ready for the next step in your new adventure!

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