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Laying the Groundwork

May 6, 2009

Actively Participate: Visit, Post/Comment/Link or Follow People’s Blogs and Do Their Stuff

“I don’t wanna”, you may whine, feeling overwhelmed.  I look up, and away, trying not to meet your terrified gaze.

“But I don’t have enough time for my OWN blog, much less someone else’s!”  you continue, resenting me for even suggesting you take on more.

Aha, but there’s the rub.  I have discovered that like the adage “it takes money to make money”, it takes actively pursuing connections to make connections, so in order to be successful you HAVE TO connect.  You can’t sit and wait for “them” to magically start reading your blog, trust me, I tried that.

Case in point unknown MaidenShade Matters.  She’s not quite so lonely any longer.  In less than a week, our Shady Lady has gone from 0 views, to 6, 18, 20 and on Pink Saturday up to 116.  It’s dipped down to a steady 25-30 a day now – but that’s a huge increase and I fully expect readership to build and I believe her following will only get better from here.

In addition to participating in Pink Saturday and visiting, commenting etc., per my friend Nancy, I followed some of Mr. Adam’s advice in his lesson on Day 1 of his Etsy Secrets series.  He suggested signing up for some social network sites namely Facebook (I already belonged but used my membership mainly to obsess on Hatchlings and my cyber-pet Pusica’s habitat….) and Twitter. 

I also have a Twitter account, but never really understood why it matters if I shout out daily “I AM HERE’s” into what feels like a gaping black hole the size of the universe.  Like the tiny Who in Whoville I yell up hoping to reach some giant’s ear “up there”.  No one answers, and I always am left with a vaguely uncomfortable feeling as I hit “update”… Still I do it, daily.

He suggested ” Some Twitter Channels you should follow:”

So ever-obedient, I followed.  (Oh the fear of the dread lemming mentality was mighty within me!)  The first 5 hours saw 50 new followers, the next day brought more – and I still get a few new ones every day. 

When I get new followers I go on to Twitter, look in my “followers” tab, and follow those who follow me.  Then I send them each a personal note saying “thanks for the follow” and I include information on any give-aways I am running, and links to my sites.  I don’t know if I’m supposed to do this, but I figure hey, I may get a valuable, participating follower of my blog or even a customer. 

Here’s a sample of my text (plagiarize at will): ” Thanks for the follow! J – Visit Me At:

The other thing I did was to open a “Fan Page”.  Another suggestion from Tim’s Etsy Secrets series too, day 2. 

This ended up being almost an all day task.  In case anyone else ever wants to do this – where you’ll find the link to add a fan page will depend upon where you land when you open Facebook.  Mine opens automatically to my home page.  This meant the well-meaning person who told me the link was on the bottom of the page when I signed in, was wrong for me. 

After hours of searching the help pages, writing “HELP ME” messages in various places to no avail and so on, I somehow found the mysterious link when I scrolled down to the tiny print at the bottom of the page in the footer to where it says “ABOUT”.   What follows may save you the intense shoulder ache of spending hour after hour trying to navigate through foreign procedures in order to do something that will increase your connectivity with the end result of bettering your store/blog, whatever.  One can only hope!  These images are small, but should at least give an idea of where to look on a page.  If you need larger ones I’ll be happy to email them to you, just ask.

The link to add a fan page is found when you click on the “ABOUT” page, scroll down and to the left you’ll see a “CREATE A PAGE FOR MY BUSINESS” link, click on that and follow the directions. 

Now, to find the page once you’ve created it go to your  info page and scroll down to where you’ll see “PAGES”.  That’s where I found my MaidenShade Fan Page Link residing. 

Yes, I can almost feel the fans being attracted and sticking like glue to my fabulous page… This vehicle and all of the other strategies I’m employing will certainly compound my impact on the virtual world by an astounding amount!  The result will be absolutely PANDEMIC!   (Well, Tim did use the word “viral” in his description of Facebook’s spreading effect.  Timely considering our current flu season, eh?)


MaidenShade’s new Fan Page is a place for tips, ideas, and social networking; it provides a forum for links, photos and more. For people who are interested in Arts, Blogging, Crafts, Creating, Creative Writing, have an Etsy or web store, or are into Networking. Go to the discussion boards and post away, remember, this is the place for Shameless Self-Promotion!  Please join MaidenShade by Becoming a Fan today!

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  1. May 6, 2009 6:39 pm

    Hi Jennnifer. I just wanted to say I am very happy that I met you today too. I am also very impressed with all you do as well. Thanks for adding my Etsy store. I will add yours to my blog too. Also thanks for telling me about the Pink Lady Saturday. I will give it some thought. I definitely plan on keeping in touch. I look forward to talking with you more.

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