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May 1, 2009

Dear Gentle Reader (I always liked when Dear what’s-her-face started that way, or was it Miss Manners?),

Welcome to FYI Friday!  (I figure I get to give my blog days a purpose and FYI, here is mine.)  

FYI: Okay, tomorrow is my first Pink Saturday and I wanted to make it a good one.  I also am supposed to blog every day.  Give-aways are GREAT tools for engaging an audience.  Lucky for me this all ties into some of the lessons I’m learning about blogging and my newly found commitment to 10,000+ (I added that plus to show my great confidence in achievements above and beyond what is thought of as “possible”)!  

  First things first.  What is Pink Saturday?  Remember Nancy, my friend who is so generously sharing her knowledge, opinion, and support?  Well, she told me this is a great vehicle for meeting like-minded people, staying/getting connected socially, learning more about blogging, getting fresh, creative ideas and generally moving forward.  So I went onto Nancy’s blog, and found the link for How Sweet the Sound, a blog produced by a creative and charming woman named Beverly.  Without even reading to see what the heck I was getting into, I sent in my e-mail of interest and got a very nice one back from Beverly:  

  “How nice that you want to participate in Pink Saturday.  Please feel free to add the Pink Saturday button to your blog.  I will include your link in my post this Saturday.

I have an e-mail group for Pink Saturday.  Each Wednesday evening I send out an e-mail, and ask that you reply to it to let me know your plan for participating that week. 

  With so many participants, this has worked out to be the best way for me to keep it organized.  All you have to do is reply each week to the e-mail, and have your post up Saturday morning if you are participating that week.

  Just as a tip, most of the ladies pre-schedule their posts.  I set mine to post at 2 a.m. EST.  That way the post is there for those that are up early and visiting the other blogs.  Also, I encourage you to visit the other participants, and leave them a comment so they will know you visited.  That is a lot of visiting with so many participants, and some of the people spread their visits out over the week.

Thanks, Beverly”

By now you’re probably ready to smack me because A) you want to know what the heck Pink Saturday is, and B) GET ON TO THE GIVE AWAY ALREADY.  LOL.  Not yet.

  Here is Beverly’s answer to A:

So Just What Is Pink Saturday?

Quite a few have asked me about Pink Saturday.  It is just an idea I had to feature something of mine that is pink on my Saturday posts.

By the time Friday rolls around I have a hard time coming up with an idea for a post for Saturday.  My brain is work weary.  So one Friday evening I was racking my brain for an idea, and amazingly enough a little pink light bulb went off in my brain.  The words “Why not something pink?” were flashing before my eyes like neon lights.

Really, even if you only know me a little bit it can’t come as a surprise that I could post something pink once a week forever.  And so, Pink Saturday was born.

It seems there are a lot of you that love pink, and like my Pink Saturday blog feature.  After many inquiries, I thought I should open it up to anyone that would like to participate.  After all, every girl needs a bit of pink in her life.

If you are interested in doing “Pink Posts” on Saturday, just e-mail me (there is a link to e-mail me in my right sidebar near the top) to let me know, and we’ll play together.  Do your Pink Saturday posts, e-mail me your blog link each week you want to participate, and I will post the links on my Saturday post.  Please let me know each Friday by 8 a.m. EST.  Just post something pink – it can be anything – something pretty, something funny, something old, something new – just not something blue.

Sound like fun?  Come on and join in.

So that’s that about that.  Now we can move onto the give-away.  I am going to give away a lovely Goddess Night Light for Mother’s Day, or your day if you want to keep it!

To help celebrate both my inaugural offering to this fun “show and tell” (put on by Beverly of How Sweet the Sound) and Mother’s Day, I am going to give away this beauty.  Goddess sells for $23.50 plus tax, with shipping you’re getting at least a $30 dollar value.

To enter I just ask that you go to, find the Night Light read the description, and then email me ( #1, the answer to this question and #2 the info if you’re providing it:

  1. What line is Goddess from?
  2. If you put a link on your blog and/or website you’ll get a double entry. (Be sure to note where I can find my link on your sites AND provide me with your info and I’ll return the courtesy.)

I’ll draw the winner on Tuesday and ship the same day which leaves 4 days, plenty of time for mom or you to receive it. I want to include international contestants – but will need help on shipping costs, please, I’ll contribute up to $7 if you’ll pay the rest.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “so show us a picture already” but I can’t.  That picture is my Pink Saturday picture – it’ll be up tomorrow along with a recap of the give-away.  If you go on my site and find it, you’ll see it.

  Isn’t this FUN???   xJ

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  1. May 1, 2009 2:10 pm

    Going to look. I need a button from you for my blog. Shall I make one? Will, and if you don’t like it. Send me one!

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