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Blogs, blogs, everywhere, and not a wink of sleep…

April 30, 2009



My friend Nancy from Linens and Laurels/La Chambre Rose is mentoring me, rescuing me from my lackluster ways of blogging.  She sent me a link to Tim Adam’s lesson on Etsy Secrets, which was all about that dread blog medicine we as business owners in search of clients, prospects, sales, are supposed to swallow; and its importance in marketing. 

I’ve decided this will be a great exercise in honing my blogging skills.  We’ll call it Blog Studies 101.  Other people can learn as I crawl, or fly along, on my way to 10,000 followers and increased sales.  Perhaps by accompanying me, they will be able to hit the ground running, avoiding the potholes and trip-wires I encounter. This shall be the first in a series then.  


Following is taken from what I wrote to Mr. Adams:

…Mine has been around in various forms for a couple of dismal years – sometimes lavished upon or completely neglected, unconnected, never read; sorely lacking due to my confusion on the art of it and fear of commitment to the apparent time involved. Plus there are so many components necessary to a good blog that are inscrutable mysteries (trackbacks, feeds, connecting things, adding videos, Google analytics, css, html…)  But sad as it is/was, sometimes it looked pretty – and was generally well written.

This piece of yours, Day 3 of Etsy Secrets, is like a work of art in itself – a complex formula only a blog-ologist must be able to fully comprehend and implement to make magic. 

I am having trouble assimilating all of the information from just this one fabulous article – I don’t know where to begin after reading your comprehensive lesson…  also, what in the heck are you doing up at that hour, you sent your blog out at 3:30 a.m.?  Is that what it takes to blog, twitter, have and maintain a store or four, create, sell, ship – purchase materials, not to mention do the research etc. for each story?  Really, some of us need to sleep.  erm… those of us who don’t have beautiful, cohesive, successful blogs, stores, social networks etc.  ‘sigh, I had better start a power prayer for God to increase not only my territory, but my capacity for output.  I have to confess, from my human eyes this is daunting and I feel utterly overwhelmed.  Help!?!

Tell me, how do I take the essence of this, and apply it to MaidenShade (I am considering and MaidenShade at Etsy to be the same entity) and, my other new entity?  I simply don’t know where to begin, nor where I’m going once I do make a start.

I bow to your superior knowledge, shining example, and thank you for sharing your gifts – J

I think this will be the first in a series of blog entries – who would like to go on my journey of blog awareness and implementation with me?  Join me on my MaidenShade Matters;  )

And so I have begun.

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. April 30, 2009 9:30 am

    Excellent post.

  2. April 30, 2009 10:46 am

    I am definitely following and participating! Baby steps. Share your finds, tips and we will do the same.

  3. April 30, 2009 5:19 pm

    You have had more people ready your blog in a day than I do in a month.

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