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MaidenShade in 2009

January 13, 2009

The news for this year is simple, offer items suggested by customers or ALMOST customers.  For example:


  • “Plain”, or more neutral shades
  • Other items than just lights
  • Wedding related night lights


And so that is what we are doing.  Check out our “New Arrivals” at MaidenShade for the first of our 2009 offerings!


Now,  for the MaidenShade Lady, 2009 will bear more artistically fashioned work.  Last year the focus was on the popular, commercially desirable fabrics from cartoon characters to specific breeds of dogs.  This year will be the year of the artist!



Also new this year is our alter-ego,  Still in the construction phase, we have put some items on eBay with very good results.  What is DeStash?  The home of all things extra.  An eclectic mix of finds from deals to supply and product overstock.  There may occasionally be some gently used items, but most things are new. 


Our favorite aspect of DeStash is that anything goes, we are unfettered by the brand as to what is offered and so there is an element of delight with every listing – one never knows what they might find!   The DeStash motto is this: “GREAT GOODS” is what we offer! DeStash sells what you want, at prices you can afford! 


You will meet some familiar friends at DeStash – Sassy and Boo.  You’ll remember them from You Tube fame – if not, here’s the first part of their story and here’s part II.



We look forward to universally enjoying joy, peace, love, prosperity, abundance, health, and all good things promised by God, in 2009 and forever.


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