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August 8, 2008



  1. Go check out MaidenShade’s Night Lights, Lamps, and Lampshades and send your opinion / suggestions / feedback via email. 1) Make sure you include your initials and 2) city, and 3) a viable return email addy so I can contact you. 4) Also include the name of the night light you’d like if you win.
  2. Lucky random respondent will receive a night light of their choice!
  3. Winner must agree to having their winning response along with their initials and City posted on this blog. By participating, you so agree.

Contest Ends August 31. Good luck and have fun!


What’s Changed At

Well, I’ve finished the next phase in my website upgrading. Will you go look at it and give me feedback, please? Test out its functionality, use the new buttons, peruse the new categories – let me know if you find any problems, misspellings etc.

If you were participating in my “help choose the lamps” project, see if you can easily find the “All Lamps” category. (If you weren’t and would like to, pick out 10 lamps I should bring to my show in Naples, Florida on Sep. 6-7, as I can’t decide. Just send me an email and tell my your top 10.)

What’s new:

  • Abbreviated “welcome” text
  • Categories titles enlarged, colored
  • Cart running total relocated to top navigation bar
  • Featured products across bottom added, buttons added to them
  • Main category descriptions & picture added in search result pages
  • Subcategories delineated with colored line in search result pages
  • Payment and security verification logos added to each description page (PayPal, Thwat…)
  • Subcategories added
  • Enlarge on mouse-over feature in the search results pages (not possible in long description area yet, can only have 2 pictures in ProStores environment, the tiny one and the one you see on mouse over & in the long description)


  • “more info” buttons added in search result items (so people know there is more to each item than just the little picture & brief description…)
  • Picture resizing to achieve consistency
  • Abbreviated short descriptions
  • Uniform/Consistent long descriptions

WOW, that’s a lot of work! Kudos to CR, MM AND myself for an amazing job. Thank you!


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