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June 11, 2008


What’s new? You mean besides gearing up for 2 shows by trying to increase my inventory by 200%… Right?They are so sweet! (ahem, this is in addition to our 4 indoor adults and 2 feral outside cats we are owned by…)


Here are some of the fabrics I’m using for my Christmas line:

Tossed Scotty Dogs,

Christmas Mice,

Meowy Christmas

Oh Deer!


Anna Griffin Christmas:

Two Fabulous Florals

Shop at – don’t see what you want there? Send me an email, we can create it together.


We are sharing our home with 4 homeless tiny kittens for about 3 weeks – fostering them (for a rescue organization in SW Florida called Friends of Gummi) until they are big enough to be neutered and adopted out. I’ve made a PDF slideshow of them, if you’d like to see it go to YouTube: and if that link doesn’t work, do a search on CatTail or MaidenShade within

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  1. QueenofQueens permalink
    June 11, 2008 3:44 pm

    OMG. I cannot bear the KYOOTNESS!
    Good for you for getting strted on your Holiday stuff now, you are mad industrious. 🙂

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